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Our philosophy

A consolidated know-how in precision mechanics for medical devices in the dental sector and especially in the processing of titanium for high-criticality applications, leads HDC to establish itself worldwide. The constant application of new techniques in the production process, technological innovation, and investments in research offer the end customer the certainty of a cutting-edge and reliable product.


The geometry of SPIDER SCREW is the result of careful design in every detail of its three components: ORTHODONTIC HEAD, TRANSMUCOSAL COLLAR, and INFRASKELETAL PORTION. Nothing has been left to chance. In the orthodontic head, the simultaneous presence of rectangular external, internal, and round passing slots, gives it the characteristic of “innovation” that has obtained an international patent. All products are made of grade 5 titanium. SPIDER SCREW is proposed as a non-osseointegrable device and therefore to be loaded at the time of its application. The strengths that can be applied vary from 50 to 300 gr. depending on the quality of the bone and the desired orthodontic movement.


Dental implants, all made of grade 4 or grade 5 titanium, are produced in different types to meet the different needs and preferences of the dentist. All implants are self-tapping with BLE BoneLock Etching treatment. This treatment was devised by HDC to obtain an ideal surface roughness through a series of steps in etching acids. The surgical phase, simplified by the self-tapping construction that eliminates the need for tapping in most cases, is in line with the coded protocols known. Particular care is dedicated to the cleaning and decontamination processes.

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