The device that is there but not visible

Diamond Aligners

The real PLUS that makes the difference is WHO DESIGNS your CLIN CHECK.
The success of the treatment with aligners is well known to reside in the design of each individual movement in the three planes of space and the associated biomechanics. ALL this represents your clin check.

That is, how your case is elaborated, attachments are positioned, movements are programmed, and sequential staging.
WE DON’T LIKE TO FAIL, so the personalized study of each case is elaborated by SPECIALISTS IN ORTHODONTICS capable of recognizing and identifying the best path to achieve the set therapeutic goals.

In case the clinician requests a treatment that involves unpredictable movements, criticalities will be identified, reported, and addressed, in order to formulate a treatment plan with a higher success rate.

For more complex cases, we have developed an EXCLUSIVE combination of aligners and an advanced skeletal anchoring system.
We offer cutting-edge support in the planning and implementation of the treatment, through the M.A.P.A. planning for the insertion of SPIDER SCREW ®


The IZOD impact resistance at 23°C (73°F) was measured according to ASTM D 256 standard, which evaluates the resistance of a material to the impact of a pendulum oscillating at a point on a clamped sample.


Stress-Strain properties were measured according to ASTM D 638 standard, where tensile force is applied to a specimen to assess various properties of the material under stress.


The flexural modulus of elasticity was measured using ASTM D 790 standard. The test concludes when the test sample reaches 5% deflection or breaks.


Light transmission was measured according to ASTM D 1003 standard, using a test called “Total Transmittance.” The higher the transmission percentage, the more transparent the material.
Why choose it?


The aesthetic and functional result achieved through the alignment process will be progressive, reducing the time spent on movements, waiting, and check-ups.

No one will notice that you are wearing an orthodontic device because it is not visible and does not interfere with pronunciation.

DIAMOND ® is highly transparent, elegant, and comfortable, and it combines ease of use, cleanliness, and predictability of treatment results.

Plan your treatment with confidence


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